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2019 Zone D5 Deer Hunting Maps and California Hunting Report

Zone D5 California Deer Hunting Maps, Local Hunting Clubs and California Hunting Report





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D5 Zone Deer Hunting Information, Local Hunting Ranches and Hunting Clubs

D5 is one of the largest deer hunting zones in Northern California; but successful hunters expect only 15 percent to kill a buck this season. If you want to increase your chances you should buy a detailed map of map of El Dorado National Forest. We’ve outlined some general areas in the zone, but you will need to get more details, the roads into the forest, and the small lakes, drainages, canyons and elevations. 
Zone D5 is actually a huge zone with lots of public access, a wide variety of terrain, and plenty of bucks! But you will find those bucks far away from roads, noisy camps if you’re willing to put in the time.
The terrain varies from gradual, sloping foothills to steep, rocky canyons, Deer are abundant in lower elevations in the Sierra Foothills, but access will be limited because of private property. However, there is excellent public access above the 4,000—foot range in El Dorado National Forest. 
 Zone D5 takes in parts of eight counties, but only half of the zone is worth hunting and that’s the western slope of the Sierra from the northeast tip of El Dorado County down to Bear Valley in Alpine County. This high country ranges in elevation from 5,000 to 9,000 feet and is considered the blacktail deer’s summer range.
 Deer can be found scattered throughout this region from spring through November, or until the first heavy snows hit and send them moving down the hill into their winter range in the Sierra Foothills. But for now, you can count on finding those deer on the north-facing slopes where there are plenty of trees, legumes and water. 
The Wrights Lake area is one of the most productive in Zone D5. Located in the Crystal Range, by taking Highway 50 east to Placerville. Follow 50  to Kyburz, then turn left on a Forest Service road leading  to the lake 
 Another spot where you’ll find bucks is the Desolation Wilderness Area, where you can count on seeing more   than hunters. Motorized equipment is prohibited, you will have to pack in, and the area is speckled with high-mountain lakes, streams and wildlife. And hike.
 Lots of deer are in the section northeast of Union Valley Reservoir that extends to Loon Lake. There’s a good paved road that leads to both lakes. Iron Mountain Road, located south of Highway 50, is another excellent bet for opening weekend hunters       
  Season: Usually mid September through beginning of November.

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